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Canadian manufactured


30 kW upwind design


CSA approved components


Single & Three Phase Generators


Carbon Composite Blades


Rugged two stage automatic pitch regulation


Tilt up tower for safe & easy maintenance at ground level.

30 kW Wind Turbines

Turbine Blades

Turbine blades are carbon composite with aluminum tips and internal copper cable for lightning protection. Blade diameter is 10 metres.

Pitch Regulation

Input shaft speed is approximately 120 RPM.

Turbine has automatic, rugged mechanical 2 stage pitch regulation. First stage has sharp angle of attack to start the turbine in slow wind speeds and in cold temperatures will keep the gearbox oil warm. Second stage brings the RPM to desired speed for power production.

Over speed controls positions blades in "stall" to limit top kW and RPM. output.

Pitch angles and preload are set at the factory. Final adjustments can be easily re-set in the field if the wind conditions dictate the need for individual site adjustment.


Heavy-duty gearbox provides a service factor of 3 . Synthetic oil is used for extremes in temperature and for long life.


CSA approved automatic control system will connect to the grid for Net Metering as per regulations outlined by Hydro One and other utilities. All controls are provided with individual and full test reports to satisfy ESA inspection. Optional controls for stand-alone, battery charging, or wind diesel sites are available.


Standard tower lengths are 24 and 30 metres. Tilt-up towers raise and lower the tower easily for safe maintenance at ground level. Gin (lift) pole and all guy wires, turnbuckles and shackles are provided. All tower and tail vane components are hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. Ductile cast iron and steel castings are primed and protected with corrosion resistant enamel.



Upwind turbines manufactured by Wenvor Technologies Inc. in Guelph, Ontario are 30 kW three and single - phase machines.

A 37.5 KVA, 600 V to 240 V step down transformer is provided for single phase systems.


Induction generator voltage is 600 V 60 Hz for both single and three phase generator systems. 50 Hz generators and controls can be provided. Nominal generator RPM is 1800. Generator has automatic re-set protection for over heating conditions.


Power Curve below is for a 25kW 3 phase generator



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