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Canadian manufactured


30 kW upwind design


CSA approved components


Single & Three Phase Generators


Carbon Composite Blades


Rugged two stage automatic pitch regulation


Tilt up tower for safe & easy maintenance at ground level.

30 kW Wind Turbines



United States of America:

Resouces and links for wind energy information in Canada.


Wind Energy Institute of Canada


Natural Resources Canada, About Wind Energy


Renewable Energy Project Analysis Software: RETScreen International 


Canadian Wind Energy Atlas


Firstlook Wind Information


Canadian Wind Energy Association





AUC Rule 024 - Micro Generation

AUC Micro Generation Application Guideline


British Columbia,


B.C. Hydro Net Metering 

B.C. Interconnection requirements =< 50 kW

B.C. Hydro Net Metering Tariff




Manitoba Hydro - Connecting customer owned generation

Distributed Resource Interconnection Guideline 

Distributed Resource Interconnection Application Form 


New Brunswick


Energie NB Power - Net Metering

Energie NB Power - Net Metering Application form

Energie NB Power - Technical Specification for Independant Power Producers

Energie NB Power - Net Metering Agreement


Nova Scotia,


Nova Scotia Power - Net Metering

Nova Scotia Power - Net Metering Interconnection Guidelines

Nova Scotia Wind Atlas





Province of Ontario - Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure - Net Metoring information

OMAFRA - Electricity generation using small wind turbines at your home or farm.

Ministry of Revenue -Sales Tax Rebate on Wind Energy purchases

Ontario Wind Resource Atlas

Hydro One - Net Metering

Northern Energy Program



Prince Edward Island,


Maritime Electric - Net Metering requirements

Prince Edward Island, Securing our Future 10 Point Plan

Prince Edward Island Energy Strategy

Provincial Sales Tax exemption

Prince Edward Island Renewable Energy Act




Hydro Quebec - Net Metering




Saskatchewan Net-metering program 


Saskatchewan Net Metering application for up to $ 35,000 rebate


SaskPower - Non Utility interconnection requirements




Energy Mines & Resources - Wind Energy



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